A few words from friends of the foundation

What people are saying


Mike Babcock

“I’ve always believed that no matter what, you go out and give it your best shot. The whole key to winning is to keep on moving, keep on going. One of the things that is so great about the Ted Lindsay Foundation is the tremendous level of enthusiasm to get out in the community and help out as many kids as possible. That’s how we’ll beat autism, but continuing to go out and help. I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for Ted Lindsay the hockey player and the man, and that respect carries over to his foundation as well.”

Mickey Redmond

“What can you say about Ted Lindsay that hasn’t been said already? One of the all time great hockey players, one of the all time great guys. But maybe the one thing that people accidentally leave out is his commitment to his foundation, the Ted Lindsay Foundation. It’s a top notch organization that I’m proud and honored to have a working relationship with, and it’s something that I know is very important to Ted and everyone else working to help beat autism.”

Trevor Thompson

“Ted Lindsay is one of my heroes. Certainly his exploits in the game of hockey are legendary, after all he’s a Hall of Famer. However, I never got the chance to see him play with my own eyes.

Ted Lindsay became a hero to me because of what I did see with my own eyes. And what I saw was a man whose character, passion and and zest for life are so infectious, you are compelled to follow wherever he may lead… Listen intently to whatever he may say… And eagerly answer the call whenever he might ask you to get involved.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve Mr. Lindsay and the Ted Lindsay Foundation, in different ways over the years. And working along side the Lindsay family, and countless like-minded volunteers and athletes who come together to help this great man realize his ultimate goal of curing autism, has truly been an inspiration.

Without a doubt, getting to know Ted and his incredible wife, Joanne, has been among my greatest joys during my 16 years living and working in Detroit. May they be blessed in all they put their hand to.”


Joe Kocur

“It has been an incredible honor to be mentored by Mr. Lindsay in the proper application of how to work within the community as a charity. The phenomenal work that he and his team have done for Autism is a direct reflection of his character and a true testament of how to utilize a hall of fame career for the greater good.”

Frank Beckmann

“I just wanted to thank you for including me as a pourer for your recent wine tasting event to benefit the foundation’s efforts to battle autism. As you know, my daughter is a BCBA whose career is based on helping children with autism and making their family’s lives more manageable. Thanks to the efforts you put forth in raising money for this cause, through the wine tasting and your golf tournament, that effort becomes much easier on the kids, their families, and the professionals who work with them. When Ted played his Hall of Fame hockey career, he was known as “Terrible Ted” because of his unyielding determination to succeed. Thank God he’s brought the same attitude to fighting autism and becoming ‘Terrific Ted’ to all of us.”