Xavier DeGroat at TLF Celebrity Golf Outing

Xavier DeGroat has worked to improve understanding of autism and to fight injustices that they endure. To further bring awareness for autism he has traveled across the nation to carry on his activism with many of the world highest leaders such as Temple Grandin, Stephen Hawking, the Dalai Lama and even all the current living Presidents.  Xavier was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 5 and Epilepsy but overcame his obstacles.
He was born in 1990 the same year the American’s with Disabilities Act was signed into law.  He came from a strong dedicated family that advocates themselves for autism rights. As soon as Xavier moved to Michigan in his first couple of years as a young child he soon became aware of what bullying and discrimination experiences were like from his early elementary years through high school.
Xavier in now on a mission to change the world and has already done several things in his community, to include the start of his own foundation.  He wants  to help impact families and children with autism to better succeed their full potential.  Xavier never let his autism behaviors stop him from reaching his goals nor from being a  persistent young man with great abilities to help change the interpretation of special needs for people with Autism.